Yeah, I’m going on a break from this blog. This includes drrrthings and drrrfacts. Recently I’ve gotten a bit busy and so I’m not even on my personal as much.

This only applies to me, penisu, however. There are other members of drrrthings, but they don’t post, so I’m not sure if that’ll even matter. They can update if they want, but I won’t be for a while.

This post is way past due, since this blog isn’t updated much anyway, but I thought I might as well go ahead and post it.

So, I’ll be back eventually. You can unfollow if you’d like, but this blog won’t be “dead” forever.

Anonymous asked: please make more :) i love these facts! <3

i’m working on it, trust me. i’ve been a bit busy lately and i’m also pretty forgetful. but i’ll try.

and thank you~

privateobssession-deactivated20 asked: what is the font you use for the facts?

lane - narrow.

cloudisu asked: can people become a member?

maybe after i’ve had it running for a few weeks or so.